Eddie Bo - Baby I'm Wise: The Complete Ric Singles 1959-1962 (CD)


Track Listing
1) Hey There Baby
2) I Need Someone
3) Tell It Like It Is
4) Every Dog Got His Day
5) Everybody Knows
6) You Got Your Mojo Working
7) Warm Daddy
8) It Must Be Love
9) Ain't It The Truth Now
10) What A Fool I've Been
11) Dinky Doo
12) Everybody, Everything Needs Love
13) I Got To Know
14) Bless You Darling
15) Roamin-Titis
16) Nothing Without You
17) Satisfied With Your Love
18) Ain't You Ashamed
19) I'll Do Anything For You
20) Check Mr Popeye
21) Now Let's Popeye
22) Baby I'm Wise
型番 ACE CDCHD1429
販売価格 2,200円(税200円)

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