George Jackson - Leavin' Your Homework Undone - In The Studio 1968-71 (CD)


Track Listing
Side 1
1) I Got A Feeling
2) I'm Gonna Hold On (To What I've Got) (Demo)
3) What Kind Of Woman Are You
4) I'm Glad To Have What He Didn't Want
5) I Slowly Killed Your Love For Me
6) A Woman Respects A Man
7) A Few Precious Moments
8) Don't Tell Me Nothing About My Baby
9) A Man And A Half
10) If This Is Love
11) I Wish I Was A Child Again
12) Leavin' Your Homework Undone
13) Quicksand Around My Mind
14) Two Way Proposition
15) I Got To Stop You Road Runner
16) Humpin' To Please
17) Your Love Is So Good
18) Never In Public
19) You Caught Me Red Handed
20) Oh Baby What You're Doing To Me
21) Keep Your Business To Yourself
22) Your Love Made A U-Turn
23) Weekend Love
24) Wait Till The Time Is Right
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