型番 PVCD137
販売価格 1,870円(税170円)

(R&B〜ソウル・ミュージックの発展に大きく貢献したレジェンダリー・シンガー「レイ・チャールズ」の49-53年のベスト。「Mess around」などのロッキン・ナンバーからジャンプやバラードまで47曲を収録。Great!)

Track Listing
Disc 1
1) I Love You, I Love You
2) Confession Blues
3) Alone In The City
4) Can Anyone Ask For More
5) Let's Have A Ball
6) Rocking Chair Blues
7) If I Give You My Love
8) Can't You See Darling
9) This Love Of Mine
10) How Long Blues
11) Blues Before Sunrise
12) A Sentimental Blues
13) You'll Never Miss The Water
14) Ain't That Fine
15) Don't Put All Your Dreams In One Basket
16) Sittin' On Top Of The World
17) I've Had My Fun
18) See See Rider
19) What Have I Done
20) Honey, Honey
21) She's On The Ball
22) Th' Ego Song
23) Late In The Evening Blues
24) Someday

Disc 2
1) I'll Do Anything But Work
2) I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now
3) All To Myself
4) Lonely Boy
5) Baby Let Me Hold You Hand
6) I'm Gald For Your Sake
7) Baby Won't You Please Come Home
8) Kissa Me Baby
9) Hey Now
10) The Snow Is Falling
11) Misery In My Heart
12) Let Me Hear You Call My Name
13) Why Did You Go?
14) I'm wondering And Wondering
15) Walking And Talking
16) Guitar Blues
17) Back Home
18) The Sun's Gonna Shine
19) Roll With My Baby
20) The Midnight Hour
21) Jumpin' In The Morning
22) Mess Around
23) Funny, But I Still Love You

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