Brenda Holloway - The Artistry Of Brenda Holloway With Bonus Tracks From The Motown Vaults (CD)


Track Listing
1) Together 'Til The End Of Time
2) Every Little Bit Hurts
3) Where Were You
4) I've Got To Find It
5) Unchained Melody
6) Hurt A Little Every Day
7) I'll Be Available
8) You've Made Me So Very Happy
9) I've Been Good To You
10) Too Proud To Cry
11) I'll Always Love You
12) Operator
13) When I'm Gone
14) You Can Cry On My Shoulder
15) Just Look What You've Done
16) Starting The Hurt All Over Again
17) Mr Lifeguard (Come And Rescue Me)
18) My Smile Is Just A Frown Turned Upside Down
19) After All That You've Done
20) The Love Line
21) Can't We Be Strangers Again
22) Just Another Lonely Night
23) Where There's A Will There's A Way
24) It's Love I Need