Wynn Stewart - Come On : Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight (CD)

(ウェストコースト・カントリーの名シンガー「ウィン・ステュワート」のロカビリー〜ロッキン〜ホンキートンク作品など32曲をフューチャーした新作。ロカビリーの名曲「Come On」のファースト・バージョンを始めエディ・コクランのギターをフューチャーした「Slowly But Surely」など魅力満載の内容。Great!)

Track Listing
1. Come On (alt)
2. After All
3. It's Not The Moon That Makes..
4. Slowly But Surely
5. That Just Kills Me
6. Why Do I Love You So
7. I Wish I Could Say The Same
8. She Just Tears Me Up
9. School Bus Love Affair (alt)
10. Donna On My Mind
11. I Keep Forgettin' That I For..
12. We'll Never Love Again
13. I Done Done It 1
4. Rain, Rain
15. Big, Big Love
16. Playboy (alt)
17. Hold Back Tomorrow
18. Wrong Company
19. Three Cheers For The Loser
20. Wishful Thinking
21. You're That Someone Else
22. Heartaches For A Dime
23. Man, Man, Mr. Sandman
24. Slightly Used
25. Open Up My Heart (basic track)
26. Wall To Wall Heartaches
27. Another Day, Another Dollar
28. Take It Or Leave It
29. Uncle Tom Got Caught
30. Don't Spook Me
31. Come On (master)
32. Wild One (Jackie Burns)
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